My Very Various Hobbies: From Drawing to Traveling, Though?

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When I was a kid, “a tall woman” is my famous nick name and I often teased by my friends. Calm, they are not so evil about my physic. They’re not open to teasing a bad thing about my life, but they teased me because I have a lot of hobbies. They have said; “You’re not a consistent person!” Ha ha yes, I admit it, but that’s me, and I love it!

Although I like to paint, draw, and also like to cook, I like to do activities outside the home too. Cycling and traveling are two things I love. These two things give me the understanding that this life is beautiful and we need to be grateful for it.

Anyone knows, health is significant, in fact, I do not like sports on the place, yes, I hate sports places like in the gym. Sorry, it’s boring.

traveling hobby

Cycling sports give me another inspiration, although we need a tool to do this sport but the price of a bike is not too high. I’m sure you can buy it, even the price of a used bike is pretty low.

Vacation to variety place in the world is a very amazing thing, even for me, traveling is very important to be done by everyone, at least two times in a year.

I am not a hardcore traveler, but I am one of the people who travel most than my friends. Remember, I am a strong woman, even I can caring my old car, pheww!

Traveling will open our insight, the stress levels in the brain can be decreasing in dramatic when we go holiday. In addition to pushing down the stress level, the traveling makes your life more colourful, and the new unique things always come to you when visiting a new place in the world. I have tips for you, do traveling to other locations which are rarely touched by people in general. Maybe you can start to enjoy some mountains in Africa or Asia, both of beautiful area can be a great option.

Drawing, cooking, and painting are the three things I love too. Because I am a woman, and when I was a child my mother is often with me anytime, so when my mum starts to cook then I learn to cook at the same times. Or when my mum is at home, I prefer to draw mountains or draw dolls than playing outside the house. Basically, all of my habits come from previous life activities, and I love it!

Currently, My daily work are focusing on people accommodation needs, and I also still in the front of my computer. Mostly, I create much design related to the digital image marketing such as for logo. I love this job because I feel this is not a job, but this is a paid hobby, lucky me for sure 🙂

There is nothing dominant among the above hobbies, and I like those activities. How about you?

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