3 Reasons Why You Should See Koalas in Their Natural Habitats

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Although you can see a koala in pick zoos around the world, Koalas are only located in the wild in Australia. Their food is hugely particular – they feed almost solely on the fallen leaves of eucalyptus trees, which indicates not only is the Australian bushland their residence, the trees they reside in and also supply off are incredibly essential.

There’s even a nationwide day: Wild Koala Day on May 3. Since seeing a koala in the wild is unique, for these three factors.

Koala in the wild
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Seeing a koala in the wild resembles playing a sport. You are a participant, instead of a viewer.

Envision this: You are strolling, seeking out high in the gum-trees. The sun is brilliant, making you scrunch up your eyes as well as want you had used your hat. There are many trees, numerous branches, as well as you are trying so tough to discover a koala. There’s a large tree– undoubtedly that will be the one. You stop, looking hard, eager a koala to show up. It doesn’t, as well as you turn away.

You hurry to catch up to your trip team, but swelling in the next tree catches your eye. Could it be? Its big, grey and hairy. OMG Its a koala!

When you see a koala in the wild, you are helping to safeguard their environment.

You may not feel like you’re helping them, yet you are, just be existing.

If a few people most likely to a village to see a wild koala, locals observe. When a few hundred people are visiting on a regular basis, businesses notice. If numbers swell to a couple of thousand people– all to see wild koalas– federal governments notice.

By looking for wild koala experiences you are sustaining local and also country communities and even tasks.

Wild koalas do not reside in built-up city locations. To see a wild koala you have to get out of the city.

That’s not a weak point for travellers. Small towns and also regional areas offer visitors with an experience of local society, natural appeal, wild animals in the wild, experience as well as a sensation of ‘avoiding the crowds’. Don’t afraid to experience small towns, it will not give you any cancer symptoms.

Small towns and also rural areas in Australia are experiencing. Manufacturing, farming, mining and forestry tasks are declining, and small communities are locating it tough to maintain their populace and also infrastructure. Tourism is providing a solution– international tourist is growing at 10% each year, with a specific development in nature tourism. Wild animals are the leading motorist of global tourist to Australia.

Little, locally-owned tourist drivers run the majority of wild koala experiences in Australia. As a matter of fact, in Australia, 38% of tourism services lie in regional locations, as well as 95% of tourism organisations are little, self-employing or micro-businesses.

If you intend a trip to Australia, mark among these Koala sighting spots on your plan as a must-do wild animals experience, from Victoria to South Australia, right here are a few of the incredible locations where you can visit a koala at home.


The You Yangs is the home to among the most one-of-a-kind koala-viewing experiences in Australia. These healthy koalas have been looked into for one decade, and also you can see entire households of koalas that have names and personalities. Koala Clancy, one of the most famous wild koalas, lives right here with his mom, father and his numerous girlfriends.

Any person can go to the You Yangs as well as the entrance is complimentary. The best method to experience the koalas is with an Echidna Walkabout Nature Scenic Tour.

The You Yangs is a 45-minute drive west of Melbourne and a 20-minute drive north of Geelong, Victoria.


The gorgeous harbour of Port Stephens is bordered by National forest, providing a lovely house for great deals of koalas. The town has been very pro-active to secure koala habitat in their area. Koalas can be seen throughout the region, specifically on Soldiers Factor and also in the where there are cost-free walks, maps and even a details centre. If you exist in November, don’t fail to remember to add your wild koala discovery to them. Port Stephens residents encourage every person to obtain involved in this critical citizen science research project and also assist them to stay at the top of the list of areas with the most excellent variety of koala discoveries.

The majority of accommodation is close to bushland, so you can merely stroll to see koalas. Port Stephens is a 2.5 hr drive north of Sydney.


The lovely koalas of Noosa are one of the most tech-savvy in Australia. They have a facebook team dedicated to them: with photos sent by the public, and also for those without a mobile phone, a chalkboard at the park entryway that shows visitors where koalas have been spotted. Most of the koalas are called as well as well known by scientists from Queensland Koala Crusaders.

You can stroll from the town of Noosa Heads into the National Park. Check the blackboard at the park entry, or browse through to Noosa Koala Sightings before you go as well as talk to Bernard regarding where the koalas have been recent. If he can, he will often appear and assist you.

Noosa Heads is on the Sunlight Coast, a 2-hour drive north of Brisbane, Queensland.

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