Traveling Accommodation Tips: Menu For Natural Weight Loss Diet

Spread the love blog is focusing on accommodation tips articles, the traveling, the self improvement and the healthy topics, and today we are going to show you the solution for your own natural weight loss diet.

diet menu for accommodation

If you’re a freak traveler, then you will aware that our accommodation meal will not always as good as we want. If you’re on tight diet program to decrease the weight, then you should prepare your own weight loss diet. Every woman desires to have an ideal body. Women often concern about their body, mostly if they think that their body weight increase, some women feel they are not beautiful if they put on some weight. See the amazing Kate weight loss story

Some women will try many things to maintain their body weight. One of it including perform a strict diet or hard exercise. I think having an excessive exercise is not healthy for our body.

Every day, our body requires a proper nutrients intake such as carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, proteins, and minerals. We need decent nutrients for our body, and it’s because our body always move and we need proper intake so that our body can turn it into energy.

Thus, let’s start to talk about diet food which is very easy to make and good for our body. You can use this menu for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Let’s start with Breakfast Menu

For breakfast menu, you do not need to consume a lot of carbohydrates, like rice. You can eat a bowl of cereal or oatmeal with non-fat milk. Cereal or oatmeal is very good to be consumed at breakfast, and you can mix it with seeds or grains of corn in your oatmeal soup. You can drink a glass of orange juice or non-fat milk. For food, you can replace the cereal or oatmeal with bread plus peanut butter jelly and margarine and a small banana or other fruits.

Lunch menu

You can start by replacing your white rice to red rice or brown rice at least 8-9 scoops and you can go with side dishes such as chicken, beef,
Replace your white rice into red rice, brown rice at least 8-9 scoops plus side dishes such as chicken, beef, fish or meat which is, of course, free of fat. Do not forget to include vegetables in your lunch menu. You will need vegetables in your healthy diet.

Dinner menu

Our digestion will not digest well if we eat too late. For that reason, we should finish our dinner before 7 pm. Do not eat food that high in fat and calories for your dinner. It’s because fat and calories are hard to turn into energy at night. For dinner, you can eat 200gr chicken, beef or fish without rice. Complete the menu with fruits and vegetables. Then close your dinner by consuming water and 250ml non-fat milk.

If you get bored with a healthy diet and you want to consume food which is a high carbohydrate or fat, such as fast food. You may consume the fast food but you can only eat it for a day. Say in a week, you will have a day to cheat and eat whatever you want. The next day you must go back to your healthy diet.

In addition to a healthy diet we’ve have discussed earlier, there are many other healthy foods that you can consume to keep your body weight maintained. This article just an example of a healthy diet that you can try in your daily life. Hope u achieve your weight loss program target and see you!

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