The Danger of Consuming an Expired Food, Don’t Play With It…

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If you have the expired food, throw it to the trash! Don’t eat it even just for play with it. The expired mean “send me to the trash, don’t taste me!”. But, the problem is, some of you may don’t aware the expired date printed on the food label, so we need to know what are the effects of it.

canned food

You should know every living thing in the world needs food to survive and as human beings, we become one of the creatures that have many types of food which we can eat, whether it’s vegetables of or animal meats.

As time passed by, food for humans is created in a certain way. One of the high technology of food development is canned food. If you want to eat the canned food, it’s better to consider the expiration date before eating it. It’s because many mischievous supermarkets sell the expired food. The most serious issue is one of the famous restaurants use the raw materials from expired food. Why expired food is not recommended to be consumed. Let’s look at the dangers of consuming expired food.

Remember, some pet food also available in canned, so be careful.

According to the health experts Paul Van Landingham, EdD who come from Johnson & Wales University in Providence says that there are some foods that are harmful to our health. One of the foods is a meal that passed the expiration date. The expired food is highly susceptible to contamination from harmful bacteria such as salmonella or listeria bacteria.

Some characteristics of the expired food are:

  1. Smelling bad

  2. A change in taste

  3. Easy to destroy

  4. Discoloration

  5. Overgrown mushroom

  6. Slimy and sticky

  7. worms, or maggots

The effects of consuming expired food can occur slowly and indirectly, and you can even feel the severe effects after a month or maybe a day later. But, some of the health problems usually strike right away after eating the expired food.

1. Diarrhea:

If you think the food that you are going to eat is smells or slimy, it is likely the food has passed its expiration date.

2. Stomachache:

If you find food with mold on it, it is possible that the food contains harmful bacteria. The harmful bacteria comes from the enzymes that the expired food. If you consume the food, you’ll definitely experience stomachache.

3. Poisoning:

The food that already expired can damage our digestive organs. It’s because there is a chemical reaction which produces harmful toxic in the expired food. It can be characterized by vomiting and experiencing headaches.

4. Hazards for pregnant women:

Expired food is hazardous for pregnant women. It’s because the bacteria or toxins from the expired food do not provide proper nutrition to the fetus and may harm fetal development.

5. Constipation:

If you find food that has undergone changes color and flavor, do not continue to eat the food. The food probably already expired. It’s better to dispose of the food, it already lost the nutrition and good part of it. This food may cause constipation. Be aware before you eat the canned food.

Those are some things you should know regarding The Danger Of Consuming Expired Food. For that reason, you need to pay attention to the expiration date before eating any canned food. It’s important to prevent any bacteria get into your body and cause numerous diseases.

Thus, you need to be aware of the condition of the food you’re going to eat. Always check the expiration date which stamped on the cans or other containers. However, if you buy food with no expiration date, then you should check your food. Check it visually if there’s any color change to the food or sniff it if its smell bad. I hope this article can help you. Stay healthy and happy!

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