Knowing Cancer Symptoms: Please Pay Attention to Your Health

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I will always feel sad when I hear cancer infects many people. Why can all this happen? Is this someone else’s fault that does not care about the health? How we detect cancer and how do we know it?

First, please always aware about the cancer news, read it, then… Knowing cancer symptom will save you. Please Pay Attention to Your Health!

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Although I am not a health expert, health is a thing I care very much. You might know all things related to my accommodation business will be linked to humans life. My life has a lot connected with other people; it’s sad to see or hear some of them infected.

Cancer is one of the most hated diseases in the world. Cancer caused by so many things such as the lifestyle, the environment, habits and so on. The dangerous material such as tobacco or asbestos fiber material are two of things related to cancer. Read about safety asbestos material removal in Brisbane site as a sample case.

We can start to diagnose by our self by following info. Today, we will discuss how to know the symptoms of cancer, read it and be careful to your current condition, compare it! Read the details below

Early detection for some types of cancers

Early detection is a way to know in diagnosing a disease before you are experiencing the symptoms of the disease. It is better to do the early detection annually, especially for those who are at high risk on developing cancer. Even so, not all cancer can be diagnosed and detected early. Some of the test is only intended for those with special genetic risk.

Age, history of certain diseases in the family, and the history of your own health will become the determining factor which test should be taken.

Screening is one of the ways to detect the early stage of cancer. Screening is very helpful in enhancing the life expectancy in cancer treatment. Bur there are different methods of cancer detection, which depends on the location of the cancer and the severity of it. So how to choose the most appropriate screening method?

Experts from the Modern Hospital of Guangzhou stated that nowadays, it’s better to put non-invasive and non-radioactive method first such as USG rather than the invasive one. But if the non-invasive methods are not capable on detecting the disease, then you should consider performing the screening with an invasive method.

These are some symptoms and early detection methods of the most common occurred cancer

1. Cervical cancer

Clinical symptoms:

  • Bleeding after sexual intercourse
  • Bleeding outside of a menstrual cycle
  • Bleeding after the menopause
  • Abnormal vaginal liquid production

Early detection: A routine Pap smear or IVA (every 6 or 12 months). When you’re doing IVA using acetic acid, you can do it with the help of midwives.

2. Breast cancer

Early detection:

Doing a physical inspection yourself to detect a change in your breast. For example, if there is a bump or changes in your nipple.

Mammogram: x-ray method that used to inspect the breast cells. Recommended for: Woman that has a familial history of breast cancer or ovarian cancer. Woman above 47 years old that already has menopause should do a checking every three years.

3. Prostate cancer

In general, the decision to check the existence of prostate cancer and the frequency of it is in the hands of the patients themselves. There is no universal recommendation to check this type of cancer. The decision to check prostate cancer will be based on the patients’ history and their family.

Early detection:

Prostate specific antigen (PSA): PSA is a protein that produced by prostate cancerous cells. But the results of high PSA level is not always caused by prostrate cancer and not every case prostate cancer shows the results of high PSA level.

4. Lung cancers

Early detection:

A low dose spiral CT-scan

Recommended for: People between the age of 55-74 who is an active smoker or already stop smoking since the last 15 years.

People between the ages of 55-74 that has 30 ‘smoking pack years’. You can count the smoking pack years by multiplying the number of cigarettes smoked in a day with the years of smoking and divided them by 20. As an example, if you are smoking 10 cigarettes in a day for 20 years. It means your smoking pack years is 10×20/20 = 10 smoking pack years.

People working in an industry related to asbestos. Things to consider: 3 days before the diagnosis, eat foods that has no residue, liquid foods, not eating fruits and vegetables, and don’t have a breakfast on the day of diagnosis.

Everybody want to get free from the dangerous diseases such as cancer, but not all of them aware about their health. Keep you health and please always educate your self.

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