Tips on Taking Care of an Old Car: You Can Do It By Your Self!

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Some of my friends told me: “Hi girl, you will not be able to take care of your own car, you are a girl, your old car need someone pro to help”. Don’t judge a book by its cover ๐Ÿ˜€ I am a strong and independent woman. When we talk about a car, we will also taking about engine oil, brake system, sound system, interior and more, and I understand about that. So today I will share my experiences on this tips on taking care of an old car, and yes you can do it by your self.

old car maintenance

I love a classical items such as a book, a bike even a car. But, taking care some items need some serious treatment.

Lets dive in…

I know caring the old car is not as easy as caring your kid room, but caring for older cars is not that much different with taking care of a new cars. The crucial point in the maintenance of an old car is the engine, and usually the body part is also important in the maintenance process. Caring the body part of the car is usually more preferred, because the body panels of the car are more visible and can reflect the character of the car owner. The car maintenance must be done properly and orderly, such as monthly maintenance to check the condition of the car engine and performance.

1. Replacing the engine oil regularly

The main key in car maintenance is by doing a regular checking of the lubrication and fuel system. The main factor determining the age of machine productivity and spare parts is the engine oil and the system. The oil on the machine is working to avoid friction, cools the engine and clean machine parts through a circulating process. The oil contains fine particles (Oil Film), which function to prevent direct frictions of the metal surface. So that the oil can affect the age and engine parts wear. If you do not want to frequently change machine components to wear, then replace the engine oil regularly.

2. Check the radiator

The radiator is working to cool the temperature on the car engine. The water in the radiator needs to be replaced and you need check the leakage on the radiator regularly. When a leakage occurs, then you should immediately resolve the leak. Make sure that your car never runs out of the fuel, because it can cause a corrosion that leads to a leak in the tank.

3. Check the electrical component

The electrical component of a car is also important in the maintenance process of old cars. Before checking the electrical component, you should remove the battery and disconnect the flow of the battery first to prevent a short circuit. Read the instructions in the handbook before you decide to change or repair it yourself. A wrong installation will cause damage to the electrical component of your car.

4. Pay attention to small components

You should ensure that small components such as wheels and brakes are in good condition.

5. Use cover when the car is parked

To keep the paint and the exterior of the car in order to keep it looks good, use a cover on your car, especially if it is in the parking lot outside the garage. This can reduce the chance of the paint to fade away and avoid the car from dirt that is difficult to clean.

There are some tips for you to take care of your old cars. And as one of the most important part of my accommodation, an vehicle is need to treat seriously, hopefully itโ€™s beneficial for you! Bye.

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