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HelenaHelena was born in January 6, 1987. Since childhood she and her two younger siblings are accustomed to simple life even though her mother is a Civil Servant and her father works in one of the famous IT companies in the city. “Simple life is the key to happiness.” Such is the motto of their family life.

The tall slim lady love to cook and sketch things since she was a kid. Cyclist, chef, traveler, fender owner, hand letterer and doodler. Doing at the junction of beauty and sustainability to craft delightful brand experiences. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Her fond to the art has made her a graphic designer she’s ever wanted. Though it’s the first step of her career, she’s eager to be a better professional that can provide a satisfied service to her clients. When she’s not busy as a graphic designer, you can find her on her bike, cycling around the town of Dunmore and enjoying the scenery.

If the laziness struck her, she likes to take her time in the kitchen experimenting new recipes. Behind the apron, she’ll put all she can do to create a delicious Japanese cuisine. The goal isn’t too hard since she lives alone in her minimalist style apartment.

Socializing is also one of her way to get away from the work stress. Blogging is also another way she likes to do to keep her insanity. She loves sharing her thought about everything. She writes not only about graphic design, but she also likes to share her experiences, cooking tips, and her thought of the day. So, take a peek on her blog, enjoy the contents, and send her some comments.

This www.tierneyhouse.com.au is her first blog, and she want to focus to accommodation tips, traveling and more.

Thanks for reading her about page and enjoy reading.