Electrical Wiring: How to Check Your Wiring at Home

According to experts from Electrical Safety First and Electrical Safety First, you are recommended to receive an Electrical Installation Condition Report or EICR each 10-year at the minimum, especially if every year about 20,000 household fires are prompted by electrical faults.

The elders are at greater risk as they tend to live in older homes with blackouts and old appliances.

But how do you identify problems in advance? What are the characters and causes of the obvious clue? And what steps can you take to avoid the occurrence from happening?

However, there are easy electrical checks that you can do yourself prior to calling an electrician when a serious problem occurs.

The followings are the steps to check the condition of your electrical wiring at home.

Do you notice any damage sockets?

Be careful of any warning indications that a connection could be loosened from the inside. Is the socket or plug warm? In this case, check the connections in the socket and plug, or call an electrician to avoid any risk.

diy checking electrical wiring in house

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If it is difficult to plug a plug into a wall outlet, this may be an indication that the socket is worn and needs to be replaced. Try to put a broken or broken board in a socket as soon as possible.

Burning in a socket can be caused by overload – for example, by connecting an adapter to several large loads or by loose connections in a connector. Replace the front panel and investigate the cause of the problem. Then reduce the load and replace the plug if necessary.

Check the cable, are they okay?

The cables used to be rubber-coated, which deteriorates over time and may expose bare wires. If you have rubber cords or cables worn, have them checked by a professional electrician and replace them if necessary. If you have modern wiring that is discoloured, it may indicate overheating – then check with an electrician.

Are cover plates in good condition?

The cover plates help avoid accidental shocks as well as contain any sparking or arcing that can occur inside an electrical box, possibly preventing a fire. Check your house and be sure that cover plates are installed for all switches, sockets, and junction boxes. Some of the most common areas for lost cover plates are in incomplete basement areas, in kitchen cabinets, behind refrigerators also in garage ceilings.

Although this is normally a very easy DIY repair, the solution is not as easy as it seems; If a cover plate were mounted on the pegboard, there will be a gap between the cover and the box, which could release sparks and possibly trigger a fire. The correction for this situation is actually by cutting the pegboard a little more thus a cover plate could be firmly attached to the box.

Lifespan and condition

The security limit for standard household cabling is around 40 years. Some wiring takes longer but is more vulnerable.

Warning signs can be a damage to the insulation of the wire, usually cracks triggered by brittleness. This problem normally first occurs in an unconditioned part of the home, such as a cold room or loft, where the temperature rises in the summer. Wire conductors have no insulation where they are connected to sockets and switches. But these places are protected by boxes in the wall. Eliminated metal pipes elsewhere are dangerous.

Although older systems are in good condition, they may lack modern components that increase safety. For example, residual current circuit breakers are fast-acting circuit breakers that are now installed near wet areas. They turn off the power faster than a circuit breaker on the main switchboard and greatly reduce the risk of electric shock. If your house does not have it but has signs of deterioration or overhead, you need to contact an electrician.

Asbestos wiring

Asbestos has a perfect quality for insulator since it does not carry heat or electricity well. Asbestos has been widely used for years in various types of insulating materials as well as electrical systems, both for buildings and ships. There is a possibility that the cable insulation includes tapes, paper or perhaps cloth materials also other types of materials. Those materials could be filled with asbestos fibers.

electrical wire using asbestos as material

Asbestos exposure may happen to electricians who work in old houses or buildings that have used such insulation by working with these wires. Removing old cables and removing the old insulation to remove the copper wires underneath may cause the fibres to spread in the air.

The exposure can also happen when an electrician working on construction sites. Even if an electrician does not work with asbestos-containing piping, other people on the premises can damage asbestos, such insulation of walls or ceiling tiles through which fibres can contaminate the air workers at risk. Exposure. Dust on construction sites may contain asbestos fibres.

Some people maybe hesitate to ask help from professional because it may be costly, nothing to worry about this go ahead and visit asbestos testing Brisbane cost to get more knowledge and detail about it.


Keep in mind that each home electrical system is not similar and some houses need more regular controls than others. The only possible way is to consult with an electrician to know how often you should check the wiring of your home. In older homes, in particular, you are at greater risk because most modern homes built in the last 10 years have installed electrical systems that minimise problems. However, you should never think that this is regularly the case and request the electrician to check your house every 5 years at the very least.

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